What Is CO2ign Art?

CO2ign Art is an entirely new way to buy digital art AND help the environment.

Patent Pending!

One of the current challenges of buying digital art is that there isn’t any difference between “having” a piece of digital art and simply viewing it on your device. When you buy digital art, what are you actually getting? How do you prove ownership as a creator or buyer? What do you do with it? What is its value?

CO2ign Art wants to solve all of these issues.

So, when you buy art from CO2ign, this is what you’re actually getting:

A beautiful piece of art.

We’ll send your purchase as an image file you can download or (soon!) view and share from your personal online gallery.

A digital signature in the metadata of the file.

The signature lists the name of the original artist as well as the person who purchased the image being signed. By including signed information in the file’s metadata, it is viewable to anyone who wants to check, and stays with the image as verifiable authorship and proof of purchase.

A confirmed contribution to the environment.

Each purchase funds carbon credits, and you can see the exact details: the signature also includes the project and individual ID for the specific credits you funded (e.g., “XXX forestry project credits 44405-44407”). Carbon credits provide funding for crucial carbon-reduction projects (so that warm feeling you get when you buy a piece of art isn’t from climate change, but rather the knowledge that you’re helping!)

Support Artists.

When it comes to supporting online artists, we’ve noticed that sometimes people don’t necessarily want stuff – like prints, merch, or commissions – as much as they simply like an artist’s work and would like to give them money to express that.
Artists must spend considerable time and energy maintaining online shops and designing products to sell physical art merchandise (and while third-party sites exist to handle the logistics, they can take up to 90% of the sale price for production). Meanwhile, buyers spend time and money waiting for their item to ship.
While there are other methods of making an income as an independent artist, most of them take considerable administrative time and effort… time and effort that the artist would much rather spend making art!
At CO2ign Art, we provide artists with a low-effort way to make additional income on their existing works and give them a higher percentage of the sale price. As an art fan or collector, you can look at (or download) an image for free, but CO2ign Art allows you to say, “I really like and identify with this artwork” in a way that directly supports the artist.

Support the Earth.

Every purchase from CO2ign Art helps the environment. 30% of the list price of CO2ign Art goes to voluntary carbon credits from projects certified by leading environmental standards organizations, such as Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard. Some projects could involve reforestation, transitions to renewable energy, capturing methane, or storing carbon in concrete. Each purchase funds credits from a specific project, and each credit represents one metric ton of CO2 not in the atmosphere. (More about how carbon credits help fight climate change.)

Lastly, CO2ign Art will never have gas fees – whether that’s the shipping cost of physical items or from minting an NFT.
By adding the carbon credits and the supported project to the metadata of the file, each purchased image becomes a record of the artist and buyer’s interest in helping to keep our planet green and livable.