NeonMob by CO2ign

Exciting news for art lovers and collectors! We’re the proud new adoptive parents of NeonMob - a digital art platform that combines art collection with the fun of opening a pack of trading cards. Check it out and get started creating, collecting, and trading!

Collect digital art like there is a tomorrow

Help artists and fight climate change. By buying digitally signed copies of their work, you can support artists, build your gallery, and reduce carbon in the atmosphere. No NFTs. No blockchain.

Graphic showing a browser window at, artwork is flowing out of the browser and onto the page. There is a pleasant purple glow. The art is extremely cool.
A banner with three panels.  As well as assorted character art the banner reads, "Got a COOL OC?" "Organize, display and show off your commissioned artwork." "Sign up today for a free personal image gallery."

Illustration of a tree next to a pond. In the background is a mountain range with a stream cutting through.

How does your art purchase reduce
CO2 in the atmosphere?

36.3 billion tons of carbon were emitted globally in 2021. CO2ign Art uses carbon credits as a way for the global art community to contribute to fighting climate change at a large scale. 30% of the list price of CO2ign Art goes to purchasing carbon credits, with more expensive pieces funding more credits. Each credit represents one ton of CO2 reduction.

An image of a person on a laptop repeated three times. They are captioned "Purchase art from CO2ign" "SupportArtists directly" and "30% goes to carbon reduction"

For Artists

How CO2ign Art helps artists help the planet

Proprietary proof of purchase for every artwork

Unlike blockchain/NFTs, CO2ign Art uses very little energy to sign each piece - it’s about the same as it takes to load a webpage. Meanwhile, $125 from CO2ign Art funds over four tons of reduction, about the same amount of carbon as is emitted by a car in a whole year. Buying CO2ign Art is a positive, proactive act to help the environment, not simply an attempt to offset individual impact.

Help spread climate awareness with your art

CO2ign Art funds voluntary carbon credits from projects certified by leading environmental organizations such as Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard, which have reduced more than 928 million tons of carbon emissions. You can see details of each project, as well as the specific credits “retired” from each CO2ign Art purchase, in the Verra Registry.

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